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Acoustic Screen Solutions for Partitions

Acoustic office screens range has a wide variety of solutions for your work space and office environments needs. This range of acoustic office screens is a perfect choice to divide an office space providing an effective solution in reducing noise problems.

Larger than the conventional panel, this versatile variant envelops areas and provides acoustic enclosures without the feeling of confinement. Can prudently divide spaces without adding a drab/dour effect, lending a certain uniqueness to existing built environments.

Ancient symbols of union and perfection – now remade to efficiently and aesthetically treat that space of your choosing.

Specifications : 

– Non-Woven Polyester Fiber Acoustic Panel
Sound Absorption
– Up to 0.9NRC
– 10mm/12mm/20mm (Can be customized)
Cell Size
– 1200x2400mm (Can be customized)
– Stainless Steel wire rope
– ASTM E-84 Class A, EN 13501 s1, d0
– ASTM: E 2149–2013

Panel screens provides a large range of acoustic office screens, in our economy and mid ranges, we have standard flat floor standing acoustic partition screens as well as our curved screen or our shaped top screens which can come with an angle or wave top. In addition to this range of office dividers comes the option for a top, half or even full size vision panel which lead to a stylish yet functional product.  

The latest premium acoustic screens we have added to our catalogue that have been tested and certified by Acoustic Facts. These screens have a unique design style and are ideal for contemporary office and studio spaces and their unobtrusive design. The Scala acoustic floor standing screen  was inspired by the homes in Iceland where they have corrugated iron roofs. The Scala floor standing acoustic screen was not only developed for visual reasons, but primarily to contribute to a softer soundscape. 

All of our acoustic office screens also have matching acoustic desk screens and in some ranges matching acoustic wall panels. 

What Are Acoustic Office Screens?

Acoustic office screens or acoustic screen is a double-sided screen which is covered in fabric and used to combat office background noise.

How Do Acoustic Screens Reduce Noise?

All our acoustic office screens have an interior made up of a mix of compressed mineral wool or foam. The interior is then surrounded by wood panels and covered in an acoustic fabric. These materials have excellent sound-absorbing properties.

Do Acoustic Office Screens Work?

The acoustic office screen is one way in which you can way improve workplace acoustics. Depending on your office layout, the type of work and your day to day needs you may find acoustic wall panels or acoustic desk dividers more suitable. Or a combination of acoustic panels, screens and baffles.

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