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HOT !!!We Provide The Best Home Theatre and Home Automation @ Affordable PriceWhatsapp on +91 7780723379

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Hi-Fi A-777a Stereo Amplifier

Hi-fi Stereo Amplifier A-777a

Ideal Hi-fi Stereo Amplifier For Your Homes With 2 Mic Inputs For Karaoke

Inputs: Built-in AM/FM Receiver, Built-in USB + SD Card Reader, Aux, DVD, CD, Optical, Coaxial, 2 X Microphone(With Mic Tone, Echo & Delay) For Karaoke/Announcements.

Outputs: Speaker Outputs For Speaker A & Speaker B, Variable Line Out + Variable Record Out To Connect Active Subwoofer/Additional Power Amplifier, Pre-amp Out And Power Amp Input
Hi-fi Stereo Amplifier A-777a

Technical Specifications

Power Output150 Watt Rms/ Channel @ 4 Ohms & 125 Watt Rms /Channel @ 8 Ohm
Total Harmonic Distortion< 0.5%
Input Impedance47k
Input Sensitivity< 300mv
Frequency Response20hz – 20khz
Mic Sensitivity< 20 Mv
Dimensions430 Mm (W) X 380 Mm (D) X 110 Mm (H)
Treble Adjustments15 Db @ 10 Khz
Bass Adjustment15 Db @ 100 Hz
Midrange Adjustment7 Db @ 1 Khz
Loudness AdjustmentB16 8 Db @ 50 Hz, +4 Db @ 10 Khz
Mic Treble & Bass Adjustment10 Db

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